Construction Businesses Can Talk to Attorneys Free Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Construction software that helps contractors get paid, Levelset, connects contractors to its attorney network for free help and advice during the COVID-19 outbreak.

​​​​​​Construction businesses of all types and sizes are struggling with the impact of coronavirus. Many contractors have questions about how to protect their businesses. Levelset is helping contractors get answers from lawyers for free, announcing today that many in its wide construction attorney network have volunteered their time and services to consult with contractors for free.  

Attorneys Chris Ng (California), Robert Lovein (Texas), Andrea Goldman (Massachusetts), Jason Lambert (Florida), and others, including Levelset’s staff attorneys, are offering free legal consultations to contractors with COVID-19 and recession questions.  

"During these uncertain times, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers will likely begin to see a delay in receiving progress and final payments on their projects,” says Robert Lovein, a Texas construction attorney with 23 years of experience. “To protect your unpaid invoices, now is the time to start sending your preliminary notices and filing liens. This is the most effective and cost-efficient way to increase the probability of being paid.”

For contractors, getting paid is hard enough in good times. They now all face a major cash threat with the coronavirus outbreak and threatening recession. Negative impacts for construction include: material supply chain delays, quarantine of labor that can delay work, wider economic challenges affecting the housing market and construction spending, and legal disputes and protections that will pinch payment speeds.  

Any contractor looking for free legal advice can reach out to these construction lawyers directly to schedule a free consultation. They can also post their question anonymously on Levelset’s Ask an Expert Center, where hundreds of contractors get free legal answers each month from construction attorneys and other payment experts.  

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an enormous impact on the overall economy, people, and families individually. It’s clear that this will impact the construction industry, from the business owners all the way to the laborers. 

To empower contractors to get paid, Levelset has created several helpful industry tools. In addition to rallying lawyers from its construction attorney network to help, Levelset has created:

  • A downloadable coronavirus PDF checklist for contractors to protect their cash and business
  • Free software to protect payments and track lien deadlines through the end of April
  • Webinars with construction attorneys and payment experts on getting paid during delayed and canceled projects.

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Source: Levelset